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          +0086-577-62318488 sd36@ibao.com.cn
          Enter Yibao
          Specializing in waterproof micro switch manufacturing
          Company Strength
          We sincerely serve every customer with professional design.
          stable quality, reasonable price and fast delivery!
          Production Strength
          Product research and development, mold design,
          injection mold design, injection molding,
          and stamping production and assembly, quality inspection,
          and integrated management system
          Core Technology
          The company has fully introduced
          automation production, independently
          developed non-standard automation
          equipment, and has more than 300
          automation equipment, greatly improving
          efficiency and quality
          Qualification Certification
          It has successively passed ISO9001,
          ISO14001,IATF16949 quality and
          environmental management system
          certification; The product has been
          recognized by famous international safety organizations,
          and has obtained UL, KEMA, TUV, ENEC, KC, CQC, CE,
          and other certifications
          Product Application
          Widely used in household appliances, auto
          parts, office equipment, Internet of Things,
          medical instruments, measuring
          instruments, industrial control equipment, etc
          Qualifications And Honors
          Yibao has a registered capital of 50 million RMB and has successively passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 quality, and environmental management system certifications;
          and established a laboratory accredited by UL in the United States and TUV in Germany in 2004, the company's products have been recognized by internationally renowned safety agencies
          and obtained UL, CE, CB, KEMA, TUV, ENEC, KC, CQC and other certifications.
          Utility Model Patent Certificate
          Utility Model Patent Certificate 2
          Utility Model Patent Certificate 3
          Utility Model Patent Certificate
          patent for invention
          Enterprise Display
          We sincerely serve every customer with professional design.
          stable quality, reasonable price and fast delivery!
          Administrative area
          Technology Department
          Injection workshop
          Stamping workshop
          Factory Introduction
          Yibao has a high-quality, professional and responsive R&D team. Capable of independently completing comprehensive development processes such as customer demand research, product concept formation, product design, mold design and development, and production automation.
          At the same time, it can help customers solve production process related technical and quality issues related to the product, ensuring customer satisfaction.