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          +0086-577-62318488 sd36@ibao.com.cn
          Enter Yibao
          Specializing in waterproof micro switch manufacturing
          Competitive Advantages of Yibao
          We sincerely serve every customer with professional design.
          stable quality, reasonable price and fast delivery!
          Switch Material
          All products are guaranteed to be patented or free from patent disputes
          Production Capacity
          There are more than 300 automatic production equipment, which can meet the annual output of 120 million switches and more than 1 billion sets of micro-motor accessories
          Provide Support
          Provide technical guidance and technical training support
          R&D Department
          The R&D team has 121 people, who can independently complete the comprehensive development process from customer demand research, product concept formation, product design, mold design and development, production automation, etc.
          Quality Assurance
          All process operations are operated by our company Tongda OA wizard, ERP system, and Moqibao. The whole process needs to be approved and can be held accountable.
          Modern Production Chain
          Advanced automated production workshop, stamping, injection molding workshop, production assembly workshop, silk screen printing workshop, machining workshop, etc.
          Order placement process
          If you want to purchase our products you can follow
          the following process to place an order
          • Contact us

          • Confirm product

          • Negotiate prices

          • Confirm Order

          • transport

          • Pay Order

          • Confirm product

          • Complete Order