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          On the occasion of the revival of all things and the bright spring, Yibao welcomes the anniversary of the International Women's Day on March 8th, a festival shared by all female compatriots
          Releasetime:2023-05-25 Information sources:Yibao

          Following the footsteps of the spring breeze

          The annual Women's Day quietly arrives

          Since coming to this world

          You grow and transform all the way against the wind

          Becoming a daughter, wife, mother

          Every stage of life

          Both possess unparalleled radiance and power


          In this exclusive holiday for women

          Let's count the beauty together

          To offer you the best wishes

          Hope that female compatriots are happy, free, and passionate

          You are the best of you, the best of yourself!

          May every woman live out their own selves

          Be treated gently by time!


          At Yibao, many female employees who have been working for five or ten years rely on a strong sense of ownership,

          Linking personal interests closely with the development of the company, and achieving extraordinary performance in ordinary positions,

          Harvested happiness in life and gained love.


          Facing the goddesses of Yibao, we sincerely offer flowers and applaud! A noble salute!

          Yibao Goddesses, always youthful and beautiful!