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          Yibao Technology holds a hiking event to climb Bailong Mountain, showcasing the unity and strength of employees!
          Releasetime:2023-05-25 Information sources:Yibao

          On May 13th, Zhejiang Yibao Technology Co., Ltd. held a hiking event. This event attracted approximately 400 employees to participate. The participants gathered at the company gate and headed to the Twelve Primary Schools in Hongqiao Town, then walked to the Five Pavilions on Bailong Mountain.


          Everyone set out in an orderly manner

          At 1:30 pm, all the staff gathered at Twelve Elementary School to prepare for the start of mountain climbing activities.

          Firstly, the hiking route, itinerary, and precautions were introduced. Subsequently, the importance of safety issues was emphasized, and everyone was advised to pay attention to safety and distribute materials.

          Pre competition speech


          Group photo 

          As the competition began, each group began a fierce competition, and the beautiful scenery along the way made everyone yearn for and feel happy. The team members encourage and help each other, and their team awareness becomes increasingly strong. The difficulty of the mountain climbing route gradually increased, but the enthusiasm of the team members remained unchanged.


                                     Starting point of the activity             Participants who inspire each other and strive forward

                   The entire competition process lasted for over an hour, and on the way, everyone shared their feelings and insights from this event with each other, sharing their experiences and insights generously, making them feel full of warmth.


                               Team First Place                                                      Team second place                                                    Third place in the team

                   In the end, after all the teams worked hard, the best team won the championship of the competition. Although only one team can win, in this event, everyone gained a sense of confidence and strength. One of the teams, consisting of six girls, performed well and left a deep impression. They encouraged and helped each other, and ultimately reached the finish line at the same time, winning the second place in the competition with an absolute advantage.


                                  The "top person" with outstanding abilities                                                                 A 'girl group' with both beauty and strength

                   In the end, of course, we, the group of volunteers who silently contribute, have their presence wherever we need help. Volunteers shoulder a rainbow of love. Their efforts do not require rewards, and their dedication does not require praise. Because of their dedication, this mountaineering activity came to a successful end.


          To the volunteers who have silently contributed to this event