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          +0086-577-62318488 sd36@ibao.com.cn
          Warmly celebrate the completion of Zhejiang Yibao Technology Co, Ltd. 's English website!
          Releasetime:2023-05-25 Information sources:Yibao

          Zhejiang Yibao Technology Co, Ltd. is located in Hongqiao Town, an importantelectronic industry town at the foot of Yandang Mountain, a national scenic spot!Foundedin 1998.

          The company has a registered capital of 50 million RMB, and has successively passedISO9001, ISO14001,IATF16949 quality and environmental management systemcertification; and established a laboratory accredited by UL in the United States and TUVin the Germany in 2004, the company's products have been recognized byinternationally renowned safety agencies and obtained UL, CE, CB, KEMA, TUV, ENEC, KCCQC and other certifications. And won the honor of national high-tech enterprise in 2018

          The products produced by Yibao are widely used in household appliances, auto parts,office equipment, Internet of Things, medical instruments, measuring instruments,industria control equipment, etc. Now Yibao has become a long-term supplier andstrategic partner of many world-renowned brands.

          We always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "excellence, quality, continuousimprovement, and pursuit of excellence", and sincerely serve every customer withprofessional design, stable quality, reasonable price, and fast delivery!